About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2016, through the launch of its first project/brand "Big Bounce", a trademark owned by Go More Fun Palestine specialized in interactive inflatables, a mobile game-city that secures the highest levels of safety. We in GO More fun Palestine have and maintain several local and international partnerships with both public and private parties to operate and achieve our shared goals and desired outcomes in the field of entertainment and education in the region in more than 80 locations. Currently, Go More Fun Palestine has successfully franchised a group of international brands and established others of its own in the field.

Our Vision

Providing fun, safe and purposeful entertainment for every individual and child in Palestine.

Our Mission

We are working at MORE FUN Palestine Company to develop, build, manage and provide meaningful and safe interactive entertainment spaces targeting all segments of society. Consisting of a team capable of designing, building and operating these projects with global experience built on partnerships with brands that lead entertainment in the world.

Our Goals

  • Provide safe and diverse entertainment areas for all family members.
  • Design employee days with a set of costum-made plans of activities to fulfill the purpose of the training.
  • Develop, build and operate partnerships with entertainment leading brands, local and international organizations. 
  • Develop health and education-related projects and events that support the palestinian society. 
  • Achieve sustainable development in the field of educational entertainment and raise awarness about it.

Our Values


We aim to achieve and maintain trust with our partners through hard work and accomplishing projects. 


We work within the local and international standards, with teams that possess the necessary knowledge and skills.


We are commited to follow the ethical behavior of dealing with all segments of the society. 

Environmental Responsibility

We strive to be environmentally friendly, as we always attempt to work and use enviroment-friendly methods to achieve our goals.

Right of Access

We are keen, through mobility and appropriate prices, to ensure that participation is available to all segments of society.


What We Offer

  • Planning, design, purchasing and supply services

    We design, supply, build, and create indoor and outdoor amusement spaces, including inflatable games, outdoor playgrounds, theme parks, climbing walls, indoor playground games and any other entertainment needs of yours. We have many years of experience, and we have the largest inflatable game in the world. We are the only party in Palestine and the Middle East that supplies unique and unique toys, and we offer high quality products that take into account safety and competitive prices.

  • Management and operational services

    We manage and operate any indoor and outdoor spaces. We have the knowledge and skills to work with different environments and large groups, and our crews are equipped with the necessary skills to work and operate any space with outstanding success. More Fun manages everything necessary for the success of required event spaces, including maintenance, improvements, and safety measures. We have also succeeded in establishing partnerships with municipalities and the public and private sectors to work and operate these spaces.

  • Event management services and organization of staff days

    We provide event management services (events), from planning to coordination and implementation. And based on years of long experience, and a team of creative coaches, we guarantee you an innovative event that achieves your goals. We also design and implement events targeting everyone, from children to family and employees. This includes summer camps, indoor and outdoor festivals, staff training, and much more.

Our Partners